We could change the entire American workplace by giving up one thing – GOSSIP. Gossip destroys workplace morale faster than anything. Yet the reason it continues to exist is that we love it. Now we don’t ‘admit’ we love it but most of us do – at least a little bit. The problem with gossip […]

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  We all know we need to get out of our comfort zone but that doesn’t mean we actually DO something about it. We hear quotes like this one and say ‘Yea I know I need to do it.” And that’s where we stop. We may ‘want’ to or ‘mean’ to get out but we’re […]

Your Habits Will Help Your Business GROW!

I have the coolest job in the world. I get to listen to and learn from successful entrepreneurs every day. My clients are amazing people who do amazing work. And one of the reasons they are successful is they have good habits. Our habits = our level of success. We are what we repeatedly do. […]

Change – It’s in the Small Things

I’ve always had a need for speed. I move fast, talk fast and work fast. I don’t like slow things and I hate to waste time. I’m not saying this is a good thing – it’s actually a defect that gets in my way more often than I’d like to admit. I work on it […]

I Want Off The Social Media Merry-Go-Round

Lately I really want to get off the social media merry-go-round and go back to the good old days. I’d like to give up my online presence and get back the hours that social media grabs from my life. I do like social media, it’s helped me grow my business, I just get sick of […]

GIVE more…

I was recently on a plane that had to make an emergency landing. It was quite scary – especially when there were emergency vehicles lining the run way when we landed. Yet the fear I felt during those moments while landing wasn’t what I remember about that night. What I remember is how people acted. […]

It Takes a Village to Launch or GROW a Business

SMCC’s 2nd Launch or GROW Small Business Success Conference was a HUGE Success! I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of people. I was given the task once again of putting together SMCC’s Launch or GROW Small Business Success Conference. Last year was our first year and it was so well attended and meaningful to those who […]

Tracking Your Goals Beyond New Year’s Eve

Our family loves New Years Eve. Our last name means “New Year” so the kids have claimed this is ‘their’ holiday. But it’s more than just ‘our’ holiday, it’s our favorite night of the year. It’s the night that we set our goals and create our Neujahr family goal board. We’ve been doing this for […]

Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

It’s hard to watch new business owners have a dream, invest their money, put in hundreds of hours of their time and then not do anything to market their business. And then they wonder why the business fails. Businesses often fail because owners failed to let  the right people know how they could do business […]

Grow Your Family – Begin With the End in Mind

Businesses use business plans to create successful futures for their companies. Individuals use strategic planning to get results. Why do parents not write a plan for the future of their family? My husband and I asked ourselves that question over a decade ago. We’d been writing a business plan for our business when David said why […]