10 Things Every Start Up Needs

A PLAN. You can start a business without a plan but it ‘s MUCH easier if you have a plan. FLEXIBILITY. Having a plan is important but THINGS WILL NOT GO ACCORDING TO PLAN. Entrepreneurs must be flexible, ready to adapt to changes in their market and the demands of their customers. ‘My way or […]

Business is ALL About the Little Things

It’s NOT the big things we do in business that matter – it’s the little things. The things we do day in and day out matter most over time. Here are little things you can do to make a BIG impact: Smile. Say please and THANK YOU! Remember customers name and other small details about […]

Your Customers Need LOVE

Do you want to set yourself apart from your competition? Do you want more business? Are your marketing efforts coming up short? I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s simple. The best marketing tool you can employ is to LOVE YOUR CUSTOMERS! Yes I said it – LOVE YOUR CUSTOMERS. People can get […]

Self Sabotage And Your Business

If your business isn’t where you want it to be – why? What’s getting in your way? Is your business being held back because you’re getting in its way? Are you sabotaging yourself? I’ve sabotaged myself and my business many times over the last  20 years. And yet the good news is that it’s not terminal […]

Will Your BIG Business Idea Work?

What if you woke up one day with an idea for a business that you KNEW would work. You race out of bed and tell a few people and they think its brilliant too. Yet is it? Before you invest any money or put too much time into your idea, ask yourself some questions. Is […]

Want to Accomplish Your Goals? Get an Accountability Partner!

I’ve found when I want to accomplish something BIG – I need accountability. And action. But normally action comes as the result of being accountable. Accountability works – it just does. We all know what happens when we agree to meet a friend at the gym  - WE GO! On the other hand if I […]


We could change the entire American workplace by giving up one thing – GOSSIP. Gossip destroys workplace morale faster than anything. Yet the reason it continues to exist is that we love it. Now we don’t ‘admit’ we love it but most of us do – at least a little bit. The problem with gossip […]

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  We all know we need to get out of our comfort zone but that doesn’t mean we actually DO something about it. We hear quotes like this one and say ‘Yea I know I need to do it.” And that’s where we stop. We may ‘want’ to or ‘mean’ to get out but we’re […]

Your Habits Will Help Your Business GROW!

I have the coolest job in the world. I get to listen to and learn from successful entrepreneurs every day. My clients are amazing people who do amazing work. And one of the reasons they are successful is they have good habits. Our habits = our level of success. We are what we repeatedly do. […]

Change – It’s in the Small Things

I’ve always had a need for speed. I move fast, talk fast and work fast. I don’t like slow things and I hate to waste time. I’m not saying this is a good thing – it’s actually a defect that gets in my way more often than I’d like to admit. I work on it […]