Michelle Neujahr provides transformational, strategic business consulting services to businesses who are serious about growth. She challenges organizations to renovate their strategic direction, their revenue generating tasks and their passion for their mission. Michelle challenges companies to create a business that inspires growth on all levels. Her consulting services are engaging and transformational.

Why should you hire a strategic business consultant?

    • To grow your business and/or to make more money
    • To develop yourself as a business owner and/or to develop the potential of your staff
    • To overcome any current or future obstacle
    • To renovate the strategic direction of your business, to set the course for future success
    • To get support and accountability from a non-biased source
    • To be better at what you do and to serve your clients more effectively

Why should you hire Michelle?

Michelle knows how to grow businesses. As a business consultant and the director of the Entrepreneurial Center at Southern Maine Community College, Michelle has helped hundreds of individuals and teams start and grow their businesses. She can help you in the areas of strategic planning, revenue generation, marketing, business systems, employee development and much more. In addition, Michelle will challenge you to take risks, push you through tough issues and will help you build the business you desire. Michelle will encourage you, challenge you and support you in accomplishing your goals.

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