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Renovate: to revive, to reinvigorate or to make new

I owned a residential renovation company for ten years. During that time I led many clients through the home renovation process. Each time I took a client through the process I thought about how home renovation is much like life renovation.

When you renovate a home, you look around and get honest about your current space. You assess what you like and what you want to change. Usually there are so many positives about your current home that you would rather risk a home renovation than to sell and get a new home.

The life renovation process begins the same way. We look around and assess what we love about our lives and we get honest about what isn’t working. We recognize the good and identify what needs work. The part that needs work, the part that keeps us from moving forward in our life, is the part that needs renovation.

Getting honest is the first step. Then the works begins. After we have identified the part of our life that needs work, we must create a plan as to how we will renovate that area. We have to get really clear about what we are willing to do to make a change. Setting goals and the objectives needed to accomplish those goals is the meat of this step. And while we are setting our goals and objectives we must keep our eye on the vision. The vision, what our life will look like once we make the change, is what pushes us forward.

Having a plan is great but the real work starts once we begin to work the plan. This step is where many fall off. It’s easy to say you want to renovate and even to identify what you need to do to make change happen. It’s harder to actually do the work it takes.

One way to follow through is to ask for help. Recruit people to support you and hold your feet to the fire. Renovation is not an individual venture – it’s a group project. A home isn’t renovated by a lone carpenter anymore than our lives are renovated by us flying solo.

Having people to hold us accountable and encourage us along the way can keep us on track. A renovation project takes time. We did not create the bad habit or area of weakness overnight. It took time to get to where we are and it will take time to change. Give yourself permission to take the time you need to see the renovation all the way through.

Renovating our lives is hard work and yet it’s the most rewarding work you will ever do. Give yourself permission to start your own renovation project this month.

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