What I Know to Be True About Marketing

October 27th, 2011 | Posted in Business, Marketing by

I love talking about marketing. I love reading about how to better market myself and my business. It’s a fascinating topic and it is changing rapidly.

What I know to be true about marketing today is:

  • Marketing is never done.
  • Marketing is not an option. We must market if we are going to thrive in this economy.
  • Marketing has changed. We no longer push our product or service into the marketplace we must now build a community of loyal followers and fans.
  • Marketing is personal. Our followers want more transparency than ever before.
  • Marketing is FUN! It’s not a ‘have to’ it’s a ‘get to’.
  • Marketing is EVERYTHING we do. The way we answer the phone, the cleanliness of our office and our online presence – it’s all marketing!


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