20 Ways to Love Others!

November 1st, 2011 | Posted in Personal Development by

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”  David Viscott

Loving others allows us to live and build a life we love. Don’t forget to “simply do the simple things” with the people you love. Take risks, grow closer to others and share yourself openly. Building a life you love includes having awesome relationships.

Loving others is the best way to build and live an awesome life. You can’t give too much love to yourself or others.

Love your parents and your in-laws. They may not be perfect or even very lovable, but family discord causes great turmoil for all involved. Do your best to love and forgive. You’ll be more at peace.

Forgive. Resentment is poison. The longer we hang onto something, the more we allow it to steal our joy.

Work on your relationships. All relationships require work. Being committed to doing the work it takes will help all your relationships grow.

Give 12 hugs a day. Hugs are good for your soul. And the beauty is that when we give them, we also get them!

Cuddle. Snuggling, cuddling and touching will reduce stress and build deeper relationships. Take time to love your sweetie, snuggle your child or enjoy your pet.

Communicate your needs. Others can’t read your mind. Do the people in your life a favor and tell them what you need or want.

Admit your mistakes. Pretending we don’t make them is too much work and it gets in the way of successful relationships. Give yourself and others permission to make mistakes, admit them and move on.

Take time regularly to invest in others. Giving of yourself takes the focus off your life and its problems.

Have a mentor or be a mentor. In mentoring relationships both parties learn about themselves. Mentoring is a great way to grow ourselves and to help others.

Stop assuming you know what others think. When we assume we often assume things that are not true. When in doubt, ask. If you must assume, assume positive thoughts.

Stop comparing. Comparing ourselves to others is toxic. We will never win and we create distance in our relationships. Accept yourself for who you are and celebrate the good things in others.

Be generous. Give your time, money and possessions freely. Giving keeps us humble and helps us to appreciate what we have.

Thank others. Write notes, send e-mails and call people to let them know how much you appreciate them. When you show your appreciation of others, they will remember you and want to be with you.

Find a place to belong. We all need to belong – it is a basic human need. Find support in places where you can be yourself and grow.

Act on your feelings of love. When you think of someone, let them know. Spontaneous calls of affirmation can make someone’s day.

Play the “you are awesome game” with someone you love at least once a day. The game goes like this. Did I tell you you’re awesome? (Other person says no.) You are awesome. Did I tell you thank you? (No.) Thank you. Did I tell you I love you? (No.) I love you.

Let others help you. Everyone wants to be helpful. Give others the gift of allowing them to help you.

Share openly first. By sharing our struggles with others, we give them permission to be open and honest about their own struggles.

Volunteer! Volunteering is a great way to love others. Find a group or organization that you are passionate about and spend time giving of yourself.

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