21 Ways to Create Customers for Life

November 30th, 2011 | Posted in Business by

  1. Send thank you, birthday and holiday cards.
  2. Create a customer loyalty program.
  3. Host a client appreciation event.
  4. Let them know what to expect each step of the way.
  5. Send them business if you can.
  6. Ask them how they would like to be contacted.
  7. Get to know them, ask about their lives.
  8. Think about your business from their perspective.
  9. Train your employees to thank each and every client.
  10. Remain passionate about your business.
  11. Make creating customers for life a mindset – let it be a part of everything you do.
  12. Smile when you are with them.
  13. Follow through – EVERY TIME!
  14. Admit when you make a mistake and apologize.
  15. Always tell the truth – no matter what.
  16. Be genuine in your appreciation.
  17. Hold a focus group with key clients and ask for their feedback on your business.
  18. Connect with them through online social media and networking sites.
  19. Give back.
  20. Continue to deliver value in your newsletters and communications with them.
  21. Remember – it is always about the client. It is not about you.

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