7 Keys to Developing Excellence

November 7th, 2011 | Posted in Personal Development by

Take the time. Excellence takes time. Be patient with yourself, as results do not always come overnight.

Think through the process. No matter what type of project you are undertaking, be sure to think through the entire process. Look at the big picture or end results before diving in.

Be persistent. Keep moving forward despite setbacks. Things will get in the way – that’s life. Just keep moving ahead and you’ll develop more excellence in your life.

Ask for feedback. Receiving feedback is a great way to make sure your project will get the results you desire and it may keep you from going down the wrong path. Though receiving feedback is not always fun, just remember it will help you develop excellence.

Study excellence. Research your ideas as well as any experts in your field. There are people out there who have accomplished what you want to accomplish – study them. Learn how they accomplished their goals and look for the ways they were excellent.

Practice new techniques. Practice makes excellence. You will never be perfect at anything but you can be excellent at many things.

Celebrate small successes.  It’s essential to recognize your achievements, no matter how small. If you have taken steps toward excellence development and have results – applaud yourself!

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