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The key to building an awesome organization is to value people, clients and employees while reaching for and consistently achieving results. High performing or “awesome” companies have a few things in common.

First and foremost they are committed to people. When owners and leaders within the organization value their employees, clients and vendors, as an integral part of their success, they step ahead of their competition. Awesome companies know that without people – they have nothing. They are willing to go beyond just valuing people – they work hard to make sure employees are satisfied and clients and “wowed.” Awesome organizations know they are only as good as the lowest person in their organization and they work hard to make sure every person all the way through the organization is on board and satisfied.

In addition to valuing people, awesome organizations develop their employees and invest in their success. They offer ongoing training, professional development and ways for employees to continually learn and grow in the organization. They know that most employees really want three things. They want to be appreciated, given opportunities for growth and they want to feel apart of the organization.

Another way to show you value your employees is by providing excellent benefits. This is an investment but one that is worth every penny spent. Investing in your employees is an investment in the future success of your organization. When you show them you care, they will work hard to build a better organization for you.

Awesome companies also invest in technology. In today’s business environment, being on the edge of information and technology is critical to success. As business owners, we can continue to bid projects on a legal pad and watch others take our clients away or we can make a commitment to be an industry leader in both information and technology.  By staying on top of industry trends, using information to streamline our organization and using technology to improve efficiency, we will build an awesome company.

To be awesome and stay on top, we need to get rid of the old “my way or the highway” thinking in management. We need to challenge our old ways of thinking, the temptation to led with our ego and refocus our company strategies to function with the team concept. Teams produce greater results than individuals. The team concept can help your organization produce greater results, run more profitability and lead to increased creativity with problem solving and process development.

Awesome companies also know how to set goals and achieve them. They are focused on achieving results and are willing to take risks, change old ways and begin again. We can not lead an organization without vision – our team needs to know where we are going and why.

Another core value within an awesome organization is their commitment to learning. By continually researching, watching their competitors and learning new skills – an organization will stay on top. We don’t know all there is to know about our industry, yet by making a commitment to continually learn and grow – we will put ourselves ahead of our competition. Learning take time, it’s time spent away from the business. Yet it is time to work on the business, to ensure it will be around five, ten, fifteen years from now.

As you think about what it takes to be a truly awesome organization, ask yourself the following questions.

  1.  Do you value the people in your organization? If so, how so you show them?
  2. Are you committed to gathering information and using technology to build your business?
  3. Is your company focused on the team concept?
  4. How are you doing with setting and achieving goals?
  5. Are you a learning centered company?

As you look forward to being more profitable and efficient in 2012, consider implementing these concepts into your business.

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