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“If you look for the positive things in life; you will find them.”Author Unknown

I have heard that 76% of all we tell ourselves in a day is negative and that 84% of all we hear in a day is negative. That’s a lot of negative going into our minds. I’ve also heard that for every negative we tell ourselves or others, it takes nine positives to recover the damage.

Wouldn’t we be better off just putting more positive things into our minds? If we do that we can avoid the mind clutter of negative thoughts. And then live in perfect harmony – yeah!

But that’s easier said than done. I know how hard it is to change my thoughts and to focus on being positive.  My kids often tell me that I can’t be crabby because I am a motivational speaker. Maybe they’re right but I’m still a mom and moms can get crabby. Being a mom is tough and it can be full of negatives at times. Kids get sick, they complain, we nag them to do their chores and the housework is never done. It’s easy to get crabby and feel negative. Yet we have a choice – we can choose to be positive.

I recently had the opportunity to practice what I preach. And I failed miserably.

I had a bad day. I’d been feeling lots of stress. I was overwhelmed, tired and hungry when I came home from work. That combination is dangerous for me. And yet I did nothing about it. I just focused on the negatives and let the feeling grow. I walked in the door and was greeted by our extremely happy golden retriever, who I quickly dismissed. Well the more I dismissed her the more attention she wanted. And then I snapped right as my family was coming in the door. I had a meltdown, yelling at the dog, crabbing at the family and then storming up to my room. It wasn’t a pretty scene.

I went to my room and felt horrible. I had let all the negative things pile up all day long and I’d taken it out on the ones I love the most. Our negative thoughts often do that to us, they come out towards the ones we love the most, the ones who had nothing to do with our negativity.

I had to go downstairs and apologize to my family and to the dog. I told them I was sorry and that I have made a decision to change my attitude. I had to start the day over – at 5pm.

A friend of mine gave me a lizard in a cage years ago. She told me that when we focus on the negative or we are stressed or angry, we begin to think like a lizard. She told me to keep my lizard in its cage – in others words, she told me to keep  negativity, stress and anger under control so the lizard doesn’t get out.

Today practice keeping your lizard in its cage!

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