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Renovate: restore or make new, reinvigorate, refresh or revive.

Now is the time to renovate your marketing strategies. To renovate your marketing strategies means you take an active role to restore business development techniques, make new marketing channels, reinvigorate your passion for marketing, refresh your marketing materials and revive your sales pipeline. By renovating your marketing strategies you’ll be investing in your future, making the most of the current economy and bringing in more revenue than your competitors.

A marketing renovation requires effort on your part. It won’t happen by itself and you can’t hire someone else to do the whole thing for you. It’ll require your time and energy. But I guarantee it’s worth any time and energy you will put into it.

I hear many business owners talking about how slow they are right now. They tell me the work isn’t there and they’re experiencing some down time. This makes now the perfect time to get to work on marketing your business. If you have the time, even if you don’t have the time – now is the perfect time.

Sadly, many businesses are cutting back on marketing due to the economy. They look at their budget and somehow decide marketing is a good place to cut. This is the worst thing business owners can do during a tough economy. Those who stop marketing during a recession will fall even farther behind their competition and may not make it through this rough season. Those who continue actively marketing will survive and thrive once this recession passes. Marketing is not a choice if you want to be successful – it’s something you must do no matter what the economy is doing.

You need to be out in front of your clients now more than ever! In a good economy there is enough business for everyone and it often comes without much effort on our part. But in a tough economy, when people are carefully deliberating on each and every purchase – you cannot afford to hide. You must be out in front of your clients and potential clients in creative ways every single day.
If you’re not out in front of your target market – you can bet your competitors will be. If you’re not developing future business – someone else will. You cannot afford to sit back and wait for business to come to you. You must take an active role. You must be willing to market but keep  in mind that marketing doesn’t have to look like what it has in the past. By taking on a marketing renovation project, you can look at what’s working, what can be cut and determine how you can use more low-cost or no-cost marketing solutions.
Your goal with marketing must be to stay in front of your target market consistently and effectively. You must stand out from your competition by sharing what makes you unique and by telling potential clients why they’ll benefit from working with you. Potential clients want to know what’s in it for them. A huge part of a marketing renovation is discovering what your clients are really buying from you and why they buy. Once you know this you’re able to make renovations to your current marketing strategies to reach your target market with more precision.

A marketing renovation isn’t about starting over – it’s about keeping what works, getting rid of what doesn’t and adding a few new pieces that’ll work better. It’s about refreshing or reinvigorating your current strategies to make them more effective and in the end bring in more revenue.

Now is the time to Renovate Your Marketing. Now is the time to be committed to growing your business – to making the changes needed to survive this economy and to bring in more revenue. There has never been a better time to renovate. Make a decision and start today.

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