What I Know to Be True About Staying Positive

November 27th, 2011 | Posted in Change Management, Personal Development by

After a very busy week at the Neujahr household, I found myself struggling to stay positive. I was tired, needing some personal space and feeling a bit stressed about the week ahead. I had to stop yesterday and reread my own blog from a few days ago. I needed a reminder about how to stay positive. And after reading my own words – I was convicted to change my attitude.

What I know to be true about staying positive today is:

  1. I will never get it perfect.
  2. I GET to choose my own attitude every day.
  3. I can start the day over any time I want.
  4. My attitude, whether positive or negative, affects other people.
  5. It takes more energy to be negative.
  6. I feel better about myself and my life when I look at the positive.
  7. Being positive starts with being grateful. If I take time to focus on what I am grateful for – my attitude changes.
  8. I do not have to engage in other peoples negativity.
  9. Today I CHOOSE to be positive.

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