To Be Unstoppable You Must Be Self Aware

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Be Self Aware

I believe being self aware is the first step to being unstoppable. Without self awareness, I flounder, get off track and end up settling for less than I’m capable of. Yet becoming self aware and continuing to be self aware is hard work. Knowing who I am takes time and energy. It takes commitment – a commitment to know and grow myself.

In order to know myself I must be willing to get uncomfortable. Self awareness is not a comfortable process. Many people avoid self discovery because they’re not willing to get out of their comfort zone – they’ rather stay stuck. But if we don’t move outside our comfort zone, we won’t come to truly know who we are.

Self awareness requires that I know my strengths and my weaknesses. It requires that I look at the things that keep me stuck. It requires an honest look at who I am and what I stand for. Self awareness demands that I take down the walls and honestly assess myself in all areas. It isn’t an easy process but it’s worth it.

This past week I had an opportunity to increase my own self awareness once again. It’s amazing to me that no matter how much I practice self awareness – there’s always more to learn. I guess that makes me human. I’m learning that I’ll never have myself completely figured out. I won’t ‘get there’ someday. Self awareness is a lifelong process. Things happen every day that challenge who I am and what I am capable of. My strengths appear in new ways and weaknesses tend to pop up in areas I never expected.

My life is in constant motion. I will always be in a process of self discovery. I am grateful that I am more self aware today than I was at 20 and I hope that when I’m 60 I’ll be even more self aware and comfortable with myself. But for now I’m continuing on the journey of self awareness one day at a time.

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