Tips for Staying on Track with Your Goals

January 27th, 2012 | Posted in Business, Personal Development by

Write down your goals. Writing down your goals is not old school – it’s one of the keys of success. Start today and do it!

Read your goals EVERY DAY. Put your goals somewhere where you’ll see them everyday. Keeping your goals top of mind is important. You will forget the things that are not regularly in front of you.

Make changes when necessary. Sometimes when you write a goal and start moving towards it you realize that it’s NOT what you want to do. It’s OKAY to change your mind. Trying something is often the best way to know if it’s for you or not.

Keep the ‘why’ in mind. You need to know why you want to achieve something. For example you may want to lose weight and get healthy but“why”. What’s the real reason – your real motivation? Focusing on the why will help you stay the course.

Get help. Getting accountable will ensure you stay on track. Don’t go it alone – you have people in your lives who will help – ask them and then let them help you.

Make it FUN. Make it more fun to reach your goal than to do nothing. If you are engaged in your goals and they are truly fun – you are more likely to get moving and stay moving.

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