7 Keys to Living Your Dream

July 19th, 2012 | Posted in Business, Personal Development by

Clarify your dream. Get clear about what your dreams are. Take time to really determine the life you want to have or the things you still want to accomplish. Clarity is the first step.

Write it out. Dreams without plans are simply wishes. Once you have clarified your dream, write it out in detail. Written dreams have a higher success rate.

Make a plan. Once you have written down your dreams, make a plan. A detailed plan of the small goals needed to accomplish the bigger dream. Break it down weekly, monthly and yearly. BE sure your plan includes rewards for things accomplished along the way to your dream.

Take a risk every day. Taking risks can be fun. By challenging yourself to take one risk each day – you will reach your dream faster. Risks help us grow; they stretch us out of our comfort zones and lead us to our dreams.

Have fun. Achieving our dreams needs to be fun otherwise we are tempted to give up. It will be work but it should also be fun. Visualize what it will feel like to be living your dream and let that be your guide.

Stay the course. Perseverance is required. We need to decide to stay the course no matter what may come our way.  Find support so that when the road gets hard you have others to cheer you on.

Expect detours along the way. And plan for the detours. There is no way around it. There will be times when you get off track, lose sight of your dream or life simply throws you a curve ball – stay strong!

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