Jump Into the Deep End of the Pool…

November 20th, 2012 | Posted in Personal Development by

My daughter and I have a mission, it’s ‘to live in the deep end of the pool’. I have no idea how it started but it is ours now. We refer to it often and have had many talks about what it means.

What does it mean to live in the deep end? To my daughter Brittni and I, it means to live all in. It means that instead of just putting our toes in the water, we jump fully into all that life has to offer. We get our hair wet and fully submerge – letting go of how we look and instead enjoying the feeling of being fully alive. Living in the deep end means we are vulnerable, take risks and get messy. It means we live without regret and choose to do the tough stuff even when we’d rather just wade in to our waists or not go swimming at all. It means that we know ourselves and our crap. It means we embrace the good, the bad and the ugly. To sum it up it means to live holding nothing back.

Think about the last time you went swimming in the deep end of a pool, lake or ocean. I live in New England and I can tell you the last time I went swimming in the ocean it was COLD. It was so cold that when I put my toes in I wanted to run back to my comfy lawn chair. But then I thought about living in the deep end and what it meant to take risks. So I decided to go for it. I stepped back on to the sand and then ran full blast into the cold water. I went far enough out than when I jumped in I went under. I immediately came back to the surface and let out a howl – it was cold! Yet even though it was cold it felt good. It felt good to be alive. The cold water was invigorating and forced me to move. It was a risk but one that was worth it.

Now think about the last time you jumped into the deep end of your life.  What did it feel like? Were you glad you did it? Did you feel invigorated and alive? I know for me that living in the deep end, taking risks and allowing myself to live fully is hard but it is so worth it. It is messy. Life lived in the deep end isn’t always pretty but it’s good.

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