Tips for Living in the Deep End…

November 25th, 2012 | Posted in Change Management, Personal Development by

  1. Decide to jump. The first step is to decide you want to live in the deep end. You don’t have to decide to jump in all at once but you must decide to go beyond the shallow end. It’s a choice we all make – even we we don’t consciously make it.
  2. Let go of perfectionism. We can not live in the deep end while hanging on to what our hair or makeup looks like. We can not fully engage with life if we’re afraid to get messy.
  3. Accept that it’s messy. Living full out isn’t pretty – deal with it. You’ll get hurt and it’ll be messy. True living isn’t a linear journey or a clean step by step process. Accept the fact that the journey will take you in many directions and there will be times you love it and other times you hate it. Acceptance is the key to staying in the deep end.
  4. It’s okay to float. We can live in the deep end without always diving down to the bottom. In the deep end we know what’s at the bottom, we’ve discovered deeper truths about ourselves and we know there’s more to be discovered. Yet it’s okay to come up for air and chill. Float, or relax, often. Living authentically is hard work – taking time to recharge i necessary.
  5. Have fun. Jump, splash, swim. Living life in the deep end should be fun. When we fully embrace life on life’s terms – we can have fun with it.
  6. Invite others. Swimming is more fun in a group. Invite people to live in the deep end with you. Having deep end relationships requires honesty and vulnerability. When you’re willing to share life fully with others they most often reciprocate and share their life with you.
  7. Take it slow. If you’re not used to living in the deep end, take it slow. You don’t need to dive deep. It’s okay to float, get a feel for the water and make connections with yourself and others slowly. There’s no rush – you have your whole life to practice living more fully.

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