When I Grow Up I Want to be Zig Ziglar…

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ZIg Ziglar

My lifelong dream of meeting Zig Ziglar

I’m sad that Zig Ziglar died recently but I’m excited to know that I’ll meet him again in heaven someday. Zig has been an inspiration to me since childhood. I actually wanted to be him when I grew up.  I loved his name, I loved his messages. I loved the fact that he could get on stage and talk to thousands of people. There was something extremely special about Zig and I wanted to be just like him.

Today I’m a motivational speaker as the result of his inspiration. One of the things Zig always talked about was  that if you could dream it you could achieve it. He encouraged me to dream – to see myself as a speaker and then take action to make it happen. He also talked about having a positive attitude,  setting goals and being a winner. I loved saying, ‘see you at the top’ when I was a kid. And yet as a child I really didn’t get his message. I knew Zig inspired me, I felt good when I listened to him and I knew there was truth to what he was saying – yet I had no idea what to do with it.

As a teenager I ended up in a psychiatric hospital – I was a train wreck. I was depressed, addicted to drugs and alcohol and completely out of control. And yet it was during this darkest time in my life that Zig’s words began to make sense. I thought a lot about the messages I had heard as a child. I began to see, through the help I was receiving, that what I told myself impacted how I acted. I was full of negativity and rage at that point in my life and that was what came out. During the months I spent in the hospital I began to take a look inside for the first time. I saw that I was believing a whole lot of lies about myself. I was encouraged and began a slow journey towards developing a positive attitude. With God’s help and the support of counselors and friends – I began to turn my life around. I began to see that I had value and that the failures in my life didn’t define me. I began my journey of self development at the age of 15 with the words of Zig running through my mind. I thank God for the gift of his words at the darkest time in my life.

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