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To focus means to adjust one’s vision, to concentrate one’s attention and/or to bring into clarity. To adjust my vision I must first slow down enough to look – really look at what’s in front of me. I can’t focus if I’m in a hurry. To concentrate also requires slowing down. It demands that I be quiet and single-tasked. And if I want clarity I must let it come. I must pay attention to my gut – to what’s going on around me. Focus requires that I slow down and listen to myself.

I believe my lack of focus holds us back. I know it’s what holds me back. I move too fast, take on too much and can be constantly in motion. I focus on too many things at a time and in doing so I don’t complete things, I make mistakes and I end up falling short of my goals.I was reminded of my lack of focus as I was cleaning last week. I started in the morning helping my daughter pack and as I was helping her I saw a few closets that needed to be cleaned , so I cleaned them, and then I noticed the Christmas tree was losing needles and need to be taken down. By the end of the day I had five unfinished projects and the house was a bigger mess than when I started. I was definitely not focused.

Now compare that with today. I got up, had a plan to complete three projects. I got up early, took some quiet time for prayer and meditation and got started. I tackled the first project in an hour. I rewarded myself with a fresh cup of coffee and a mini break. I then moved on to the next project. I found myself distracted with email and then a phone call. I realized I was off track and made a decision to turn off my phone and not answer my email until I was done. I worked hard for 45 minutes and finished a project I had been putting off for weeks. I felt great. I was motivated and inspired to keep moving through my to-do list. Accomplishing tasks feels good and inspires me to do more.

Focus is always a moving target for me. Some days I have it and some days I don’t. The tips below have been useful to many times in my life.

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