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BucketListResizeI have clients send me their bucket lists from time to time. I suggest having a minimum of 101 things on your list. That may seem like a lot of items – but think about it. You have a lot of life left.

Here are some of the things my clients have come up with over the years. Please feel free to use any and share your own in the comments section.

  1. Work with a trainer 3x/wk
  2. Chiropractic 1x/mo
  3. Try underwater diving
  4. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  5. Set up college trusts for each grandchild
  6. Take singing lessons
  7. Learn Sign Language
  8. Whole family spend Christmas together at Yosemite
  9. Be part of a mastermind
  10. Houseboat vacation
  11. Rent a windjammer with a crew for a vacation with another couple
  12. Fund someone’s dream
  13. Reconnect with my birth family
  14. Mentor a pregnant teen
  15. Volunteer a week of my time each year
  16. Ring the Bells for the Salvation Army
  17. Share an idea
  18. Take on a leadership role
  19. Sell my artwork
  20. Ride a motorcycle
  21. Snorkel in the Caribbean
  22. Buy an old house and refurbish it
  23. Milk a cow
  24. Visit a Mayan temple
  25. Meet someone famous
  26. Submit a design to Hallmark cards
  27. Make a difference in someone’s life
  28. Learn to crochet, knit, make a quilt
  29. Whiten my teeth
  30. Skinny dip
  31. Be more daring
  32. Tell more people they’re awesome
  33. Count the stars
  34. Fish all day
  35. Have a picnic in the grass
  36. Find a four leaf clover.

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