More Bucket List Ideas…

February 20th, 2013 | Posted in Business, Personal Development by

Here are some more ideas that could go on your bucket list…
  1. Have a job in Sales
  2. Buy my parents house
  3. Get a digital camera
  4. Catalog and file all my music
  5. Guinness Book of World Records for living to 132 years
  6. Take a trip to Europe
  7. Take a trip to Australia
  8. Go On a Cruise
  9. Go Elk Hunting
  10. Take 2 weeks and do absolutely nothing
  11. Create a will for when I am no longer around
  12. Go visit the Baseball Hall of Fame
  13. Go visit Teddy Roosevelt National Park
  14. Have a garden
  15. Raise my own food (Cow, pig, chicken, turkey)
  16. Reach the recommended average weight for my age
  17. To take daily bike rides.
  18. Get things accomplished in a timely matter
  19. Throw things away with no regrets
  20. Express feelings in public more instead of trying to hide them in public
  21. Own a dog
  22. Adopt a child
  23. Go the World Series
  24. Go to Disneyland
  25. Read a book without falling asleep after 3 minutes
  26. Evaluate my life regularly to see where I am in and where I am going
  27. Go on an African Safari
  28. Visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
  29. Become a minister
  30. Debt-free for life
  31. Build a house for Habitat

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