Renovate Your Dreams

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Renovate-Your-LifeTo renovate means to: revive, make new and/or reinvigorate

  • Could your dreams use some renovation?
  • Do you need to be revived and/or reinvigorated to go after them?
  • Have your dreams slipped to the bottom of your to-do list or have they failed to even make the list?
  • Do you want to dream once again?

I’m a dreamer – I always have been and probably always will be. Yet there are times when I dream just to dream. I think of all these amazing things I want to accomplish, envision myself doing them and then just keep doing what I’ve always done. When I do this I short change myself. If I just keep dreaming – even if I truly believe I WILL accomplish them and yet never do anything, sooner or later I don’t believe myself. Continued dreaming with out any success can actually defeat me instead of move me forward.

Our dreams are not meant to be just secret wishes. Our dreams are meant to inspire us, move us forward and make an impact on the lives of others.When I have clearly defined dreams and take daily action to move toward those dreams – I’m energized. And I impact others in a positive way. Dreams motivate and inspire me if I let them.

And yet as positive as dreams can be – they can also be discouraging. If I repeatedly tell myself that my dream is to be a national recognized speaker but don’t market myself, don’t follow my action plans and/or don’t really believe way down deep that it will happen – I’m living in FLUFF. I’ve lived in FLUFF many times and in many areas. As I looked back at my dream board over the last few weeks, I realized I’m currently living in FLUFF in a few areas. This was NOT a fun realization. I like to believe I am moving towards my BIG DREAMS. And they are two areas that I’ve lied to myself for so long about that I now actually no longer believe I will actually accomplish them.

This was a tough realization for me. I want to be the queen of dreams. I want to have HUGE dreams and be living them or working towards them all. Yet the truth is I’m not moving toward my two most important dreams. I’m comfortable and have an amazing life. I’ve accomplished many things and life is truly good. Yet I’ve avoided the two areas I say I’m most passionate about. Why? Because I’m afraid.

It all comes down to fear. The bottom line is I’m afraid I won’t achieve my dreams and even more afraid I will. And instead of admitting the fear and walking through it – I make excuses and avoid the things I know I need to do. I don’t like to admit I still have fear in my life. I want to be past this – to have it all together. And yet I don’t. Maybe I never will and maybe I am not supposed to. Maybe the lesson I need to learn is that fear is part of life and that the more I walk through it and surrender, the more able I’ll able to allow my dreams to happen.

What I know to be true today is that I have big dreams. I have accomplished many of my dreams and I have a few more BIG ones that I want to achieve  I believe I am another place of choice. Will I continue to walk out of my comfort zone and through the fear. Or will I just stay comfortable where I am. I choose to Renovate my dreams today and to make 2013 the year that I move even closer to my BIG dreams. What about you? Where are you at?

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