Tips for Renovating Your Dreams

February 18th, 2013 | Posted in Business, Personal Development by

1. Clearly define your dreams. Dreams should stretch you AND should be realistic enough to achieve. My brain knows if I dream beyond what I’m actually capable of. [For example – I could dream all day long about being a rock star and yet my voice and lack of musical talent will never allow me to reach that dream.]

2. Break all dreams down into smaller actionable goals. [I.e. if my dream is to write a NYT bestseller. My first goal would be to write an article, then write a book, then publish a book, etc…]

3. List all the times when you were successful at something. Look for patterns in these successes. What did you do or not do to make those things happen?

4. Keep track of your time for a week. Identify how you spend each minute of the day. After the week is over, look for patterns and ways that you use time effectively and/or those times you could use your time better. Reaching our dreams requires us to manage our time and use it wisely.

5. Enlist support. Reaching for and reviving our dreams is more fun when done with others.

6. Keep it POSITIVE. Our dreams need all the positive energy and thought we can muster up.

7. Let go. Do the work but let go of the outcome. We can dream and plan all day long – but sometimes our life is meant to take a different direction. Be open to the possibilities that your dreams will open up. Hang on but hang on loosely.

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