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helping_1In order to be unstoppable in life and business – we need help. We can’t do it alone. Trying to do it all alone eventually leads to a feeling of burnout and a lot of chaos.

I used to think asking for help was a sign of weakness. I thought I had to be superwoman and do it all by myself. I grew up thinking that I could do it all and I didn’t need anyone else. I was fiercely independent and extremely stubborn. Asking for help was not part of my life.

I was convinced I didn’t need help from anyone. Then I moved out into the real world and quickly learned that it was impossible to do life all on my own. As a young single parent I quickly realized I needed help. I had to accept help from many sources. I hated it. I did not like asking for or receiving help of any kind. I felt weak and yet I could not physically, financially or emotionally do it on my own.

During those years, a social worker told me that only the truly wise and only the truly strong ask for help. I didn’t really understand what she meant back then but today I do. Today I know that it takes strength and wisdom to ask for help. Today I know that when I ask others for help I become stronger and wiser.

We’re not meant to do life alone – not in business and not in our personal lives. We need others. We need their knowledge, their support, their love and their money. In business won’t survive without customers – without their money and their support. In our personal life won’t survive without love and support from others. We all need help.

I challenge you to take time this month to ask for and receive help from someone else. If you’re struggle with asking, think about how you feel when you help someone else. I love helping others – it feels great. Now think about how someone else feels when they help you. Letting others help us is really a way to bless other people.

Ask for help – you are worth it!

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