Be Mission Obsessed

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LifeMissionYour mission in life is your road map – without a clear, compelling mission it’s easy to get off track. In order to reach our full potential and to stay in forward motion – we need a mission. A life mission moves us out of our comfort zone, pushes us farther than we’d go on our own and keep us going when things get rough.

My mission in life is to be a cheerleader of people – to make a positive impact in my world each and every day. It’s simple and profound. My mission is personal, it’s meaningful and motivating. Being a cheerleader of people brings a strong visual to my mind each and every time I think of it. I use this visual often, it gives me clarity in my decision making. The concept of making a positive difference each and every day guides me into making the right decisions at the right time. I am mission-obsessed.

What is your mission? Why are you here? What difference does your life make? If you cannot answer those questions – you have some work to do. We ALL need a mi
Take time right now to review your life mission. Is it accurate? Do you need to update it? Or do you need to sit down and actually write one?ssion. We need to know why we exist and what purpose we serve. In other words – to fully live and to be unstoppable we need a mission – a powerful, motivating mission that guides our lives every day.

No matter where you’re at in your life or your career – you can and will benefit from having a mission. Take time today to become more mission-obsessed!

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