Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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images (24)“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.”  Marquis de Condorcet

People compete with one another every day. I hear business owners comparing themselves to their competitors. I hear executives holding themselves up to someone else’s standards. And I hear parents talking about how amazing their kids are and what they are doing that others are not. Many of our conversations are spoken in a spirit of competition either out of insecurity or fear. As business owners we can get caught up in comparing ourselves to others in our field. As parents we can get caught up in comparing ourselves and our family to those around us. As employees we can get caught up focusing on what others have or don’t have instead of minding our own business.

Comparing ourselves to others isn’t productive. Comparing our business to someone else’s is fruitless. Comparing our family to other families is dangerous. Comparing what we have with what others have leads to discontentment and/or pride – neither of these emotions brings any benefit in the long term.

If we compare ourselves to others and come up short – we get jealous and begin to feel discontent with our own life. When we think others have it all together – we set ourselves up for feeling less than. Feeling less than leads to isolation, guilt and feelings of unworthiness.

If we compare ourselves to others and come up better than they are – we fall into pride and grandiose behavior. When we think we’re better than or have it all – we push others away. Again this isolates us and we set ourselves up for being lonely and unapproachable.

In order to live a life of gratitude – we must stop comparing ourselves to others. We must stop comparing our business to the one down the street, our kids to other kids and our success to the success others have. What we have is what we have and it’s up to us to make the best of it. Our business is ours, our family is ours, our life is the only one we can change or impact. We cannot be someone else. We cannot have what they have. And when we accept that and embrace the life we have, the opportunities we have and the success we have – we can be content.

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