Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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images (25)Recognize. Begin to recognize when you are doing it or when your kids are doing it. As parents we need to first recognize comparing behavior in ourselves and then begin to watch for it in our kids.

Stop. When you begin to compare – stop and think of something else. Even tell yourself out loud that you’re not going to compare yourself to anyone else.

Get accountable. Ask your friends to hold you accountable. When they hear you comparing yourself to others – ask them to call you on it. Ask them to stand with you in not comparing.

Be honest. Be honest with your areas of struggle. By being honest with who you are you automatically become more approachable.  The more honest you are the better able you are to see yourself and your family.

Accept. Accept yourself and others right now. Accept your imperfections, your strengths and your weaknesses just as they are. You’re not perfect and never will be. Self acceptance is an important piece of living and building a healthy life.

Be grateful. Focus on being grateful for what you have, who you are and for the gifts you have in your life. Gratitude is the best defense against getting caught up in comparing ourselves to others.

Celebrate with others. When something good happens to someone else – be excited for them. Celebrate with them. By celebrating the good things other people are experiencing – you can take a step back and be truly happy for them.

Take time this week to listen to your thoughts. Are you comparing yourself to others? Are you measuring yourself by what others do? I think Bernard Grasset sums it up when he said, “To love is to stop comparing.” Take time this week to love more, love often and love without comparison.

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