101 Ways to GROW Your Business

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  1. 1agrow-your-businessDecide to GROW.
  2. Invest in personal development.
  3. Be willing to get uncomfortable.
  4. Clearly write out your short term goals.
  5. Prioritize your goals.
  6. Know your limits.
  7. Envision where you want your business to be in the future.
  8. Clearly write out your goals.
  9. Get an accountability partner or hire a coach.
  10. Write a business plan.
  11. Get feedback about your business from someone you trust.
  12. Write or reconnect with your mission statement.
  13. Share your mission with others.
  14. Ask you employees for feedback on how to grow.
  15. Decide what you want to do and why you want to do it.
  16. Work in your areas of strength.
  17. Delegate your areas of weakness.
  18. Hire help when you need it.
  19. Be prepared to make sacrifices for your business.
  20. Overestimate expenses and underestimate revenues.
  21. Invest wisely in marketing.
  22. Enlarge your network. Your network = your net worth.
  23. Listen to what your customers are telling you.
  24. Follow-up with EVERY new contact.
  25. Answer your phone.
  26. Re-engage with your business. Remember why you started it.
  27. Get excited. Motivate yourself. Keep your energy level high.
  28. Be consistent in your marketing efforts.
  29. Survey your clients on a regular basis.
  30. Pay attention to your competition but don’t be obsessed.
  31. Keep a time log. Decide what you need to say NO to, what you need to delegate and what you need to be doing.
  32. Offer more value on social media.
  33. Stop selling and just connect with your customers.
  34. Ask your clients who they know that you need to know.
  35. Post daily to your favorite social media platforms.
  36. Ask for refferals.
  37. Promote others.
  38. Co-market with like-minded businesses.
  39. Smile. It’s amazing how this simple thing can help sell more.
  40. Connect with the leaders in your industry.
  41. Ask for help.
  42. Update your website.
  43. Expand your LinkedIn network.
  44. Give something away for free.
  45. Volunteer.
  46. Review your business processes.
  47. Make sure everything you do markets your business.
  48. Gather client contact info and stay in touch with them.
  49. Follow people who also sell to your target market.
  50. Make sure your target market is well defined and easy to connect to.
  51. Admit when you are wrong.
  52. Respond to ALL feedback from customers – especially when it’s negative.
  53. Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn.
  54. Send post sales surveys.
  55. Collect and use client feedback in your marketing materials.
  56. Use video and audio as much as possible.
  57. Take a technology time out each day and just WORK.
  58. Pick up the phone.
  59. Write and send thank you notes via snail mail.
  60. Be a guest on someone else’s podcast or blog.
  61. Start a podcast.
  62. Invite other to share in your success.
  63. Know your numbers and what it costs you to make a sale.
  64. Be in charge of your schedule.
  65. Make new friends.
  66. Get out of your office.
  67. Change your routine.
  68. Take time for right brain activities.
  69. Use mind maps.
  70. Tell people that you want to grow your business.
  71. Set up Google alerts.
  72. Have a good head shot and use it in marketing.
  73. Attend industry conferences and events.
  74. Stop trying to be good at everything – focus on your area of brilliance.
  75. Have fun.
  76. Take a good hard look at your current marketing materials. Throw out what no longer serves the business.
  77. Get out and network.
  78. Meet a minimum of one potential new client every week.
  79. Cut out all non-revenue generating activities.
  80. Map out your week before Monday morning.
  81. Stand out. Do something unique.
  82. Use creative, clean graphics.
  83. Check your packaging. Make sure it’s consistent with your brand.
  84. Get free publicity for your business.
  85. Invite the media to your events.
  86. Write articles in the local newspapers.
  87. Go green.
  88. Support a local cause.
  89. Give a firm handshake.
  90. When you ask for the sale – shut up and let the client answer.
  91. Spend as much face time with people as you do online time.
  92. Choose one or two social media networks to focus on.
  93. Post daily to social media sites.
  94. Set small sales goals each week.
  95. Celebrate when you achieve goals.
  96. Listen online to what your clients are saying.
  97. FOCUS.
  98. Take care of your physical health.
  99. Do revenue generating activities first every day.
  100. Choose a positive attitude.
  101. Go do it.

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