Are You a Wannaprenuer?

August 6th, 2013 | Posted in Business by

images (7)wa·na·pre·neur [wah-nah-pruh-nur, -noor] a person who talks about organizing and managing enterprises, esp. businesses, usually with considerable initiative and risk, but never actually does

I was talking with a student recently and he used the word “wannapreneur”.   I’d never heard the term before – I thought he made it up. But then I Google’d it and found the above definition.

As I read the definition I knew it applied to me in many areas – not just in business. There have been so many times in my life where I talked the talk – had huge plans, even wrote them down and then never actually DID anything. I wrote business plans that never amounted to anything. I set up websites I never used. And I got people excited about things that I never took ACTION on. I spent much of my life being a “wannapreneur”. And I can still be one if I get stuck in fear or feel unsure about an idea.

But for the most part I have stopped being a “wannapreneur” and am comfortable as an entrepreneur. Today action is less painful than inaction. Today I know that sabotaging myself and not moving forward isn’t fun. Staying stuck and just talking about the next big thing gets real old. And it feels icky. I don’t want to just dream about what I will do – I WANT TO DO IT! 

The process of moving from a “wannapreneur” to an entrepreneur wasn’t easy. I didn’t go willingly – life had to get painful and force me to act. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to go change the world. I had to be slapped around a bit first and after enough pain I decided that there had to be a better way to do life. I wanted out of the self sabotage and into actually doing the things I had talked about.

To get out of the “wannapreneur” trap. I did some work. I took a look at my mindset and the lies I was telling myself. I got honest about what little I had actually been doing and I identified the revenue generating activities that my business and life needed. Then I got accountable. I needed people in my life to walk with me and support me in taking action. And once I began taking action – action inspired more action.

And the work continues. I must continually choose to stay in action and keep moving forward. Today it is a choice. One I am faced with each day.

What are you choosing? What will you do to move from a “wannapreneur” to an entrepreneur?


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