How to Set Goals You Will Actually Acheive

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  • Get clear about what you really want. I won’t go after goals I’m not passionate about. If I write down that I want to lose weight but I’m not really 100% committed to it, I won’t do it. I must get honest with myself about what I REALLY want, not what I think I should want.
  • Know yourself. Knowing yourself is the first step in growing yourself. Self awareness will help you to set more concrete goals.
  • Assess what motivates you. Take a look at times you’ve been really motivated, what were you doing? What got you moving?
  • Break big goals into smaller goals. Big goals can cause us to slip into overwhelm if we don’t have a good plan for the small steps. Be specific and set a timeline.
  • Set goals each week. Sunday nights seem to work best for me. I sit down and set my goals for the week and then map out my schedule.
  • Prioritize. Go through your goals – both big and small – and put a priority level on each of them.
  • Schedule time at the beginning of each day and/or week to work on your goals.
  • Make it fun. Setting and achieving goals is FUN. Stop being so serious about it and go do it.

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