Are You ALL In?

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Poker chips, large sum conceptAre You ALL In? 

In a poker game we can lose big money if we go all in. Or we could win BIG money. In life if we fail to go all in we may lose opportunities, joy and relationships. Holding back in poker may be a smart financial move. Holding back in life isn’t a smart move. We have so much to lose when we hold back, live in fear or settle for less than we’re worth.

I want to live  my life all in even if it means I’ll have to get uncomfortable to do so. I don’t want to live with the loss of my dreams or the “I wish I would haves”.

Often in life I’m faced with competing commitments. Competing commitments are when I have two things that I’m really committed too but I can’t do both. When this happens I may not even be aware of it. I may be committed to losing weight but the fear of being thin or looking like a fool when I work out may keep me from starting. The commitment, sometimes subconscious, to protect myself and stay safe is often stronger than the commitment to get in shape. I have to choose one or the other and often the safer choice wins.

They way that I look for competing commitments in my life and in my business is to get quiet, get help and be willing to be  held accountable. I can’t be running 100 miles an hour and see my blind spots. I must slow down and get honest with myself. If I’ve been re-committing to the same behavior over and over again but not making any headway, I need to stop and pay attention. Normally when this happens there is an underlying commitment that’s stronger than the one I’m trying to push through. Once I’ve identified this, I share it with someone I trust and ask for their help in seeing the issue more clearly. And then I make a plan with accountability to begin working through the underlying commitment so I can get to the one I really do want to accomplish.

I see this often when working with entrepreneurs – they want to grow but they’re afraid. Afraid they’ll get too big, afraid others will treat them differently if they make lots of money and/or they’re more afraid of success than they are of failure.

No matter what competing commitments we have in our life – the truth is we can uncover them, work through them and go after the things we really want to be committed to. As with all aspects of business and life – it comes down to willingness and perseverance. I must be willing to be honest with myself and then persevere through doing the work to make the changes I need to make.

Are you ready to go all in? Are you willing to take a look at your own competing commitments? If you’re ready to live BIGGER and more purposeful – now is the time. Don’t wait – go ALL in today.

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