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images (5)Businesses use business plans to create successful futures for their companies. Individuals use strategic planning to get results. Why do parents not write a plan for the future of their family?

My husband and I asked ourselves that question over a decade ago. We’d been writing a business plan for our business when David said why don’t we do something like this for our family. It was a brilliant idea and a great excuse to take a weekend away to work on it.

Since I’m the planner in the relationship, I began right away brainstorming what a business-type plan could look like for our family. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. When we went away David and I spent three days brainstorming, planning and visualizing what our family would look like in the future. We assessed where we were at currently, what we wanted to be as a family and talked about ways to involve the kids. We

What is a family plan? A family plan is a business-type plan for your family. It’s a planning tool to plan for the future success of your family. For us it became a way of life. We wrote our plan over a decade ago and it’s still relevant today. Our kids don’t know any other way – they’ve grown up living and using the plan.

A family plan is not formal even though it sounds that way. It’s a living breathing document.

What will it require? To write a family plan we must be willing to put the time into it and then to follow through with it. We have people tell us all the time that this is a grew idea but then they go on to tell us they have no time. We belive that we must make time. Our family is the most important organization of all – it deserves our time.

What’s the long term benefit? The long term benefits are that you can create what you envision. One of our visions was that our kids would come home when they were adults because they wanted to – not because they have to. We didn’t think they’d all be living at home for as long as they have, yet they all really like to be at home and be with the family. In addition we’ve been able to set goals together, create lasting traditions  and we have common agreements that made life easier. One example of an agreement we had was we agreed never to say “I hate you” to anyone else in the family. I’m blessed to say that none of our kids have ever said those words.

How can you begin writing a plan for your family? Start now. You could join us for a Family Plan webinar or simply sit down and create your own. It’s not hard – but it does require your time and energy. Put the time into your calendar and get busy creating your own plan.

Let 2014 be the year that you purposefully GROW your family by planning for and tracking your successes.

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