Change – It’s in the Small Things

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little-thingsI’ve always had a need for speed. I move fast, talk fast and work fast. I don’t like slow things and I hate to waste time. I’m not saying this is a good thing – it’s actually a defect that gets in my way more often than I’d like to admit. I work on it constantly and yet I still struggle on a daily basis to slow down. I’m forever trying to train this type A personality to slow down and take it easy. The problem is that when I want something, I’m like a bull in a china shop, I tend to just go after it without even thinking about slowing down.

When it comes to making life changes my need for speed gets in the way. I like change. In fact, I’ve always wanted change. From the time I was a little girl I knew I wanted a different life than the one I had. I lived in a dark and scary world growing up. I knew chaos and pain. I vowed my own life would be different some day. I vowed I would do whatever it took to change. The problem was, and always has been, that I want things to change quickly. I’m willing to do the work but I don’t want to have to wait for change – I want it right now! I want things to happen when I want them to happen and when possible I’d like to take the easiest, softest way. Sound familiar to any of you?

Unfortunately my NEED FOR SPEED is not the way life works.  In order for good things to come into my life and for my life to change – I must do the work. I must do the small things over and over again. Small things done consistently lead to big change.

When I began my weight loss journey 20+ years ago – I wanted quick results. I wanted to lose weight fast and I wanted it to stay off. Yet I didn’t WANT to give up Big Macs and I really didn’t WANT to exercise. I made all kinds of excuses about why I was fat, why I couldn’t exercise and why I HAD to have that strawberry shake every day. My weight was out of control not because of any one BIG thing – it was out of control because of all the small decisions I made over and over again. One Big Mac didn’t lead to being overweight – having a Big Mac every day led to being overweight. It was the seemingly small things I did every day. My choices had negative consequences over time. I could not see weight gain from one Big mac – but over time those burgers helped me to pack on the pounds.  I gained weight because I made small choices every day. There was no one to blame but myself.

It’s the same with all thing in my life. I make small decisions every day. I decide whether I eat well, exercise, make new contacts or sleep when I need to.All these little things seem insignificant and yet over time they are HUGE. All the little things I do each day become BIG things over time. I have had to stop and really look at the little things I’m doing recently. And to do this I have to slow down. And as you know – that’s NOT my strong suit. Yet it’s essential for my growth. Growth requires persistence – doing the little things every day for a long period of time. It’s not a quick, easy process. It took years to lose the weight I gained in high school. And now 20+ years later, I’m still having to do the little things consistently if I want to keep it off.

If I want change in any area of my life , the best place to start is with the small things.

What are the small things in your life that are getting in your way?

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