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give moreI was recently on a plane that had to make an emergency landing. It was quite scary – especially when there were emergency vehicles lining the run way when we landed. Yet the fear I felt during those moments while landing wasn’t what I remember about that night. What I remember is how people acted. I sat back during the event and observed my own behavior and the behavior of those around me.

What I observed during this event and what I often observe in my own life is SELFISHNESS. We’re selfish. I am selfish. And when I really look at it it makes me sick. I can get so caught up in what I want, when I want it that I don’t even pay attention to those around me.

After the plane landed and everyone cheered that we’d landed safely – the selfishness began. First they crew didn’t know how they were going to get us off the plane and then once they figured it out – we were told there would only be 40 people able to go at a time. On a plane there’s an unwritten code – first class empties and then you empty by row. That’s how it is – period. On this flight when the first shuttle arrived, there were a few people around me, and we were near the back, who literally jumped over their seat mates and pushed out into the aisle to get off the plane first. I was shocked. Yet when I thought about that behavior I had to look in the mirror. How many times do I push others aside and run after what I want without a whole lot of regard for what their needs are.

As I looked at my own life and my business, I saw a great deal of selfishness. Of wanting what I want without a concern for others. I don’t consciously set out to hurt anyone, I just get caught up in my own stuff and don’t pay attention to others. Like others on the plane, I see the exit, I want off, so I move in spite of those around me.

I want to give more in 2014. I want to live more grateful, be more open and slow down to see where I can give. I want to be more present for my life and my business. I want to be on a plane and be the one to sit back and let the family behind me that has three little kids go first. I want to go the extra mile for a client,  a student, a friend. I want to GIVE MORE. I want to make my life and my business less about me and MORE about the people I have the privilege of sharing life with.

What would  our world look like if we all gave more? What would we feel like? How would our customers respond ? What would our relationships look like?

Are you willing to GIVE MORE this year? If so, what are you going to do? How will you make it happen?

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