It Takes a Village to Launch or GROW a Business

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itavSMCC’s 2nd Launch or GROW Small Business Success Conference was a HUGE Success!

I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of people. I was given the task once again of putting together SMCC’s Launch or GROW Small Business Success Conference. Last year was our first year and it was so well attended and meaningful to those who attended that we HAD to do it again. In fact the college is committed to making this an annual event. And while I may have the privilege of organizing this event – I’m NOT the one who makes it successful.

Those who made this event a success were the over 20 volunteers who gave of their time, their energy and their expertise. This generous group of people, many of whom are actually competitors in the business world, came together to help business owners both new and experienced. I was inspired and wanted to share what I learned by being part of this great event.

Some of the things I learned at this years event were:

It takes a village to launch or GROW a business. As I watched new and experienced entreprenuers interact throughout the day, I was made aware once again that we can’t do this alone. And there’s no ONE person who will help us. Successful people get help and advice from many people.

Business is ALL About Relationships. Bob Johnson of Scratch Baking Company started off the day with an inspiring, authentic keynote. His message was clear – we need to build and maintain solid relationships with people who can help us and people we can mentor if we’re going to make our business vision happen. 

We can all FIT into the entrepreneurial world. I heard a few people mention they felt afraid to come to the conference because they didn’t have a business yet. But the feedback at the end of the day from these individuals was, “WOW, no matter if I ever own a business, I fit here and learned a ton.” I believe we all benefit from thinking more entrepreneurial. We don’t ever need to own a business to THINK like an entrepreneur.

We must INVEST in our business. It takes time and money to grow a business. As I looked out at the entrepreneurs in the audience during our opening session, I was inspired. These people were there to learn, to grow, to network. You could feel their eagerness – it was contagious. I was reminded that in my business I must take time to invest in my own development on a regular basis. If I don’t keep growing my business will not keep growing.

Entrepreneurial energy is CONTAGIOUS There’s no where I would rather be than in a room full of entrepreneurs. The creative energy and enthusiasm when business owners get together is powerful. I forget how powerful it is until I leave an event like Friday’s and my excitement for my business is double what it had been the day before. I didn’t plan for that to happen – it’s the result of being around creative, brilliant people.

Business is FUN! Throughout the day I heard so many people talking about how much fun they’re having in business. We hear how hard it can be to own a business and about how many businesses fail each year. We don’t hear enough about how much people LOVE owning their own businesses and how much FUN it can be.

People are AMAZING. Standing back and watching people interact during the conference was a blast. What I saw was BRILLIANCE. I was surrounded by an amazing group of people – people who’re not only good at what they do but people who’re willing to share that expertise to help others. I was reminded of how fortunate I am to have so many really awesome people in my life.

What did you learn at this years conference? Or what have you learned about launching or GROWING your business lately?

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