Your Habits Will Help Your Business GROW!

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IS A HABIT (3)I have the coolest job in the world. I get to listen to and learn from successful entrepreneurs every day. My clients are amazing people who do amazing work. And one of the reasons they are successful is they have good habits. Our habits = our level of success. We are what we repeatedly do.

Here are 10 of the habits I routinely see successful entrepreneurs doing in their lives.

1. HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE. As I work with successful entrepreneurs – I listen carefully to how they begin their day. Each routine is a bit different but the common thread is they ALL have a positive start to the day that includes time to think and set their course for the day and/or week ahead.

2. ENGAGE IN POSITIVE SELF TALK DAILY. Successful people speak positively to themselves. They pay attention to their self talk and make changes to it often. They know that what they think they become and they take it seriously. I listen to the things my clients say about themselves and about their businesses very carefully. And most of the time the things that come out of their mouths – their intentions – are positive.

3. LISTEN MORE THAN THEY SPEAK.  Successful people know how  and when to keep their mouths shut. They know that true success comes from hearing what people are saying, what they’re asking for and then delivering that. As I watch my clients grow, I watch them take more time listening to those around them and less time talking about themselves.

4. EXERCISE THEIR BODY AND THEIR MIND. Discipline in one area of our life is contagious. I’m inspired every week as I listen to how my clients fit in exercise and healthy eating, the number of books they read and the self development activities they participate in.  They inspire me to continue to take care of my self better.

5. STUDY PEOPLE, THEIR INDUSTRY AND THEMSELVES. I often see my clients studying me. Yet they don’t just study me – they’re curious about people and life. They study themselves, their industry and the people in their sphere of influence. They consistently look for ways to be better, to grow and to stretch.

6. HAVE A COACH OR MENTOR. My clients obviously have a coach or they wouldn’t be my client. Yet when I look beyond my own clients and look at successful entrepreneurs elsewhere – I see the same thing. Successful people know they can’t do it alone and they’re not afraid to ask for help.

7. WRITE DOWN THEIR GOALS AND TRACK THEM REGULARLY. Most of my clients have written goals – or they have been challenged to write them. Writing things down and tracking numbers the foundation to business. Entrepreneurs know that what they track they can change.

8. LAUGH DAILY – MOST OFTEN AT THEMSELVES. Business is hard. It’s stressful. Laughter keeps it fun and keeps successful people sane.

9.  FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE. The small things, the details can bog us down. I watch how my clients deal with the little things and I see another reason they’re successful. They don’t sweat the small stuff. They’re able to stay focused on the bigger picture – the vision they have for their company and their life. Keeping the big picture in the lens enables them to deal with the small things and the distractions without high levels of stress.

10. WORK HARD. Hard work is required in business ownership and in life. My clients work hard every day to make their dreams come true. They consistently inspire me to stay the course with my own dreams. 

What habits do you have that help you GROW? 

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