10 Things Every Start Up Needs

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SUCCESS IN BUSINESS COME FROMA PLAN. You can start a business without a plan but it ‘s MUCH easier if you have a plan.

FLEXIBILITY. Having a plan is important but THINGS WILL NOT GO ACCORDING TO PLAN. Entrepreneurs must be flexible, ready to adapt to changes in their market and the demands of their customers. ‘My way or the highway’ thinking will not work. You must remain open and be willing to listen to what your market is telling you and MAKE CHANGES when needed.

FOCUS. Being focused on what you do well – your sweet spot will make it much easier to scale. You can not be all things to all people or do it all in business. Focus on your ideal clients and provide them with your best product or service. There will be time to expand later. In the beginning focusing on one thing and doing that one thing well can set you ahead of your competition.

MARKETING. EVERYTHING you do is marketing. Be purposeful in putting your company out there and interacting with your customers. Marketing in today’s business world is all about engagement – it’s no longer about just putting stuff out there. Take marketing seriously and focus on generating revenue every day.

MENTORS. Get a mentor. We can not see our own blind spots. having someone you trust as a mentor can save you time and money over the long run. And it’s more fun to share the journey with others.

MINDSET. A positive mental attitude is a must. Without it you’ll be constantly swirling in the river of mental trash. Business isn’t easy, it’s not always fun but we can CHOOSE how we respond to it. We choose the attitude we bring to it. Work on consistently developing a more positive mindset.

MONEY. You need money to start a business but in this case more is not better. Starting with a tight budget will force you to spend wisely and bootstrap your business. Overspending in the beginning or not understanding how the money works is the quickest way to go out of business. 

NETWORK. Get out and meet people face to face if possible. Tell everyone about your business, share your excitement with them. You never know where your next big client is going to show up.

PERSONAL STABILITY. If your life is a train wreck – your business will be too. Before starting a business – take care of your personal life. Get help, get things in order – do what you need to do to be as emotionally and physically healthy as you can be.

VISION. Create a BIG vision for your future – you’ll need it. Creating a powerful, compelling business vision will give you something to hang on to and work towards. The more compelling the vision – the harder you’ll work towards it.

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