Self Sabotage And Your Business

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download (1)If your business isn’t where you want it to be – why? What’s getting in your way? Is your business being held back because you’re getting in its way? Are you sabotaging yourself?

I’ve sabotaged myself and my business many times over the last  20 years. And yet the good news is that it’s not terminal – I’m still here and still in business. When sabotage shows it’s annoying and can derail us for a time but it doesn’t mean game over.

Sabotage is any behavior that gets in the way of our reaching our full potential. I could stop working hard once I get close to achieving success. I could procrastinate or avoid moving forward. Or I might even engage in unhealthy behaviors to avoid reaching a new level of success.

When I stop and think about what I do and have done to myself – it’s ridiculous. My adult brain tells me I never need to participate again. Yet I do. I still struggle against old belief systems that can trip me up.

The old underlying belief system says I’m unworthy or incapable of what I’m attempting. For me it’s the familiar old tape of  ‘you’ll never amount to anything’. I KNOW it’s a lie in my head but my insecurities can jump on board in a minute. I’ve battled this demon many times. I conquer it, believe I’m worthy and then something else comes up. I can go months or years without sabotaging behaviors showing up – then a new challenge is presented in my life or an amazing opportunity  comes my way and BAM the old sabotaging behaviors show up. Below are some things I do to overcome self sabotage.

Tips For Overcoming Self Sabotage:

1. Get honest about it. We’ve all done it.Being honest about it gives us the power to overcome it. When we ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist – it grows.

2. Pay attention to when it shows up. Are there certain times it shows up more than others? Do you only experience it when you’re reaching toward really big goals? Or when you are forced to step out of what you know? I find that sabotage happens for me when I’m getting close to a BIG goal or when I step into new territory, territory I never thought I’d get to.

3. Say it out loud. There is power in speaking it out loud.

4. Get accountable with it. Find someone you can trust and share the journey with them. Hold each other accountable to the TRUTH.

5. Listen to the conversation you are having with yourself more closely. Sabotage starts in our minds. It starts when we begin to believe the lies or buy into a faulty belief system. Identifying when it starts and listening carefully for the lies can help derail our tendency to get in our our way.

6. Do not judge yourself harshly. When you get in your own way be gentle with yourself. Avoid judging past behavior. Simply give yourself permission to start over.

7. Know you are not alone. We’ve all sabotaged our own success. We are human beings – afraid of both success and failure.

How do you overcome sabatoge?

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