Renovate Your Comfort Zone

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IMG_1388This month my two best friends and I went camping. We’d been talking about it for years and yet never actually planned it – until last month. We decided we were done talking about it and it was time to do it. This trip was outside all of our comfort zones – which is why we kept putting it off. We wanted to go but at the same time didn’t really want to go. We were excited and a bit scared. Every time I’d been camping my husband did all the lifting and the stuff I didn’t want to do. I love camping. I love to pack, plan and set up camp. And I loved that my husband chopped wood, lit the camp stove and fended off wild animals.

Making a decision to go camping with the girls meant I had to move out of my comfort zone and do the things I was a bit afraid of. I had to let go of the fear and just go.

As with all great plans – crap happens. Two days before we were set to leave I pinched a nerve in my neck. I was in severe pain. This would have been a good reason to stay home. Yet I didn’t want to stay home. I called my chiropractor and by the night before we left – I was feeling good. We packed and headed out early the next day.

We had this wild idea that we would camp at a primitive site – the kind you don’t find unless you know they are there.This was the way my husband and I liked to camp – I couldn’t wait to share this outdoor experience with the girls. We had researched and found the perfect spots. Our only fear is that they would be occupied – we never dreamed we would’t be able to find them. After having been on the road for many hours, having the car die out in the middle of no-where and almost running out of gas – we headed to the local State Park. We felt defeated – we hadn’t found the perfect spot and now we were camping next to families with loud kids. Yet we would soon realize this little spot was perfect.

We unpacked the car, set up the tent and got a fire going. We did it! We were so excited. The only thing I couldn’t get started was our 20 year old camp stove. I tried everything. It would not start. So we resorted to making all our food and coffee over the open fire. It was fun and yet it bothered me that I couldn’t get the stove working.

We froze the first night. We had planned on it being warm – not freezing. So after spending the next day hiking we drove into the local town and visited Walmart. We bought more warm blankets and I bought myself a new camping stove. I felt like a little kid – I couldn’t wait to get back to camp to try it out.

It worked beautifully. I felt so proud [I know that sounds cheesy]. But I was proud. It felt good to know that three middle age women could go camping alone for the first time and not only did we survive we thrived. And we learned a few things about renovating our comfort zones throughout the process.

1. Be willing to try anything once.
2. Push through set backs.
3. Be flexible.
5. Get dirty.
6. Bring others along for the ride.
7. LAUGH at yourself.

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