UNPLUG the Technology – Even Just for 24 Hours

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0001-18818403I challenge my students to do a 24 hour media fast every semester. The fast includes TV, radio, music of any kind, computers, phones, video games and any other electronic devices. The goal is for them to UNPLUG completely for 24 hours. To experience life without technology for just one day.

This is a tough assignment. Many of them don’t make it. And many try several times over the course of the semester before actually being able to do it.

My daughter was the inspiration for this assignment. When she was in college, her professor challenged her class to a five week media fast. She took the challenge and survived five weeks. As the result of her fast she lost a few pounds, went to the gym daily, made new friends, increased her GPA and found new ways to entertain herself.

I knew I couldn’t do five weeks but I’ve challenged myself to do days with no media and weeks when on vacation. It’s hard. Every time I unplug I realize how dependent I am on being connected. But it doesn’t take long once I’m unplugged to remember why I force myself to do it. It works. When I unplug – I’m more creative, more energetic and more inspired to do things. My brain gets clear, my business grows and I deepen my relationships. It works. And I need to do it more often.

Technology is awesome – it allows me to do the work I love and to stay connected with people who are important to me. And it’s a distraction – it gets in the way of my productivity and can kill my creativity. Below are some ways to make it a bit easier to unplug.

Ways to Make Getting Unplugged Easier: 

1. Choose one day per month and take a media fast.

2. Turn your phone off during meal times.

3. Shut off the radio on your drive to work one day a week.

4. Declare technology free zones – certain days or times where no media is allowed.

5. Ask others to do a fast with you.

6. Plan time in the woods or in places where there is no cell service.

7. Start small. Try doing 12 hours to start.

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