49 Ways to GROW Your Business

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growth1. Decide you want to GROW it.
2. Ask for help.
3. Write down your growth plan. 
4. Reach out to your past client.
5. Engage your employees.
6. Involve your clients – ask them what they want.
7. Clarify your mission and let it drive growth.
8. Get excited about your business.
9. Revive your marketing materials.
10. Cut back on unnecessary spending – tighten financials.
11. Access the credit and/or cash you will need for growth.
12. Pay attention to the details.
13. Observe your business without judgement and with objectivity.
14. Look for the low hanging fruit.
16. Let people know you want to grow.
17. Ask others if there are people they know who they think you should know.
18. Thank all your current customers.
19. Write out your company story.
20. Solidify your commitment to growth.
21. Get a mentor – someone who has grown a similar business.
22. Identify your sweet spot and work it.
23. Gather customer testimonials.
24. Connect with EVERY new contact on LinkedIn.
25. Give customers a ‘shout out’ on social media.
26. Monitor the numbers. Pay attention to profit.
27. Write a blog.
28. Create a fun video and post to YouTube.
29. Open a new location, create a new product or add a service.
30. Ask yourself if there is a better way to do what you are doing.
31. Surround yourself with successful people.
32. Write out your financial goals.
33. Teach a class or speak at an industry conference.
34. Be a guest on a podcast or blog.
35. Identify any global opportunities.
36. Live your brand.
37. Carry business cards.
38. Follow up EVERY time.
39. Hire people smarter than you.
40. Be different, stand out, try something new.
42. Practice being grateful for what you have.
43. Work harder for the next 90 days.
44. Eliminate wasted time during the day – cut out social media, limit email time and avoid other distractions.
45. Get others to join you in growing their businesses – support one another.
46. Revisit why you went into business.
47. Focus on revenue generating activities every day.
48. Close your door and work.
49. Make growth FUN!

How do you GROW your business?

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