Grow Your Leadership Skills [10]

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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ8AAAAJDYyMmNhZjFlLWExODgtNGRmMS1hNmU1LWQxODNkNjU5YTQxOQHave excellent on-boarding processes. The on-boarding process starts the minute a new employee walks through the door. Make every attempt to appreciate them, train them and make them feel comfortable during their first few months of employment. Check in regularly, have another employee mentor them and make their office space welcoming.

Have the RIGHT people in the RIGHT seats. Your organization is only as good as the weakest person in it. Make every effort to hire the RIGHT people and then make sure they are in the RIGHT roles. Having a superstar in the wrong role will not benefit your organization. You will be successful only when you have the RIGHT people in all the RIGHT seats.

Take good notes. No matter what you’re doing within your organization it’s critical that you take and keep good notes. You never know when a meeting or conversation will be called into question. Maintaining good notes can save you over and over again.

Document everything. Documenting had to be part of every business process. Documentation helps us grow, keep us out of trouble and gets everyone on the same page. When you review business practices, employees or attend meetings – document the results.

Give back to your employees. Give back. Share what you have. Your company wouldn’t be what it is without the people who make it happen every day. Give to them freely when possible. Share your success with them. And build a culture that gives as well as receives.

Enjoy the journey. Developing an excellent organization takes time. As you renovate your organization take time to enjoy the journey. Creating change and building your organization is fun but it is also a process. Enjoying the process will make each day more fun and will make the journey towards lasting excellence worth every moment.

Make meetings meaningful. Too many meetings are boring, waste time and accomplish nothing. Often meetings make issues worse, de-motivate people and create division. If you’re going to meet with your people, make it count. Make meetings fun, productive and positive. If you need outside help – get it. You cannot afford to waste any more time or money on unproductive, boring meetings. Effective meeting management is one area where small changes can produce huge results.

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