Change Happens – DEAL WITH IT!

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B-Corp“The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.”
John P. Kotter, Leading Change 

I tend to like change for the most part. I actually crave it in certain areas of my life. Yet this month there has been TOO much change – and it has left me feeling grumpy and out of sorts. I have not wanted to DEAL WITH it. I have just wanted it to go away and I want life to go back to the way it was. But that is not going to happen. And it is funny that while I have been fighting change and being grumpy – this blog post title kept flashing at me from my draft pile. And I resisted writing this because I did not want to be postivie – I did not want to look at my own resistance to change right now.

I surrendered. I am writing this blog as a reminder to myself, as a challenge to myself. Change happens – its happening and I need to DEAL WITH it.

What does it mean to deal with change? I think it means I take the time to feel the feelings. Sometimes with change there’s grief, other times fear and sometimes so much excitement that its tough to actually move forward.

Ways to Deal With Change More Positively:

  • Be mentally prepared that change could happen at any time.
  • Notice the signs that change is coming. Stop and observe life from time to time making sure you are seeing the signs or the trends.
  • Ask yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen? What’s the best? And then what’s the most probable?
  • Acknowledge the only thing you can change is you – everything else can and will change without your permission.
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to take the time you need to adjust to and accept the change.
  • And when all else fails – laugh at yourself and the humor of it all.

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