Downsize [or Rightsize] Your Ego

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egoWe just sold our house a few months ago and we’re downsizing. We made a major move a decade ago [we moved from Minnesota to Maine] and downsized quite a bit at that point. Now we’re downsizing even farther both in price and in size. It feels good and it’s weird at the same time. Downsizing is becoming cooler but it’s still not the ‘in’ thing to do in the circles I hang in. I feel like I have to justify why we’re downsizing and reinforce the benefits. I need to justify our move because I’m feeling insecure. The truth is – NO ONE CARES what we do. The only one who cares is my EGO. I want people to see me as successful. I want nice stuff and want to look good. I tend to make things about me and convince myself that other people care. No one else really cares where I live, what I drive or how much I have. When I get into comparing myself to others I’m letting my ego get in the way.

Our egos, the opinions we have of ourselves can get us in trouble. Ego in and of itself isn’t wrong – it’s only unhealthy when ego gets out of balance. When I begin thinking I’m better than or less than, my ego needs a right size. An unhealthy ego is an exaggerated sense of my own importance and a feeling that I’m superior to other people. Or ego can go the other way and we can think we are way less than. In order to be successful I need to have a healthy sense of who I am and have confidence – not cockiness.

I’m more fun to be with when I keep my ego downsized or rightsized. I can engage with others, celebrate their successes without comparing and truly be okay in my own skin. Anytime I get a little funky – feel a little off I need to check my ego. I get quiet. Ask myself what I am feeling. Is it fear? Is it insecurity? Whatever it is I acknowledge it and then proceed to tell myself the truth. The TRUTH is I am one of, I am not it. I am enough – not better than or less than. And I was created to do things only I can do on this earth. I must walk in the truth knowing my strengths and weaknesses and not being afraid to be fully and completely myself with all the messiness and brilliance that comes from being me.

Telling myself the truth allows me to grow. The more I do it the more self aware I become. And for me the more I took care of myself – the less I had to make it about me. When I am feel good in my own skin – I don’t have to focus on me – I can focus on YOU. It is a beautiful thing. And it’s  more fun to be with people who are self-aware – not people who are self obsessed.

Today take some time to practice the things below that could help you be more comfortable in your own skin. You are worth it!


Knowing the line between a healthy ego and being self-centered.

Telling yourself the truth.

Asking others what they see in you.

Acknowledging your own areas of brilliance.

Being in process.

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