Be a Cheerleader of People

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imagesI love my life mission. My life mission is to be a cheerleader of people. And the cool part about this mission is it is one that anyone can practice. Below are some ways you could cheer people on today.

How to Be a Cheerleader of People Today:

  1. Smile at EVERY ONE you meet.
  2. Be in love with your own life.
  3. Give up jealously.
  4. Be happy for others.
  5. Hang around winners.
  6. Give of yourself.
  7. Listen more than you speak.
  8. Practice gratitude.
  9. Leave space in your life for people.
  10. Breathe.
  11. Get to know people – be genuine in your interest of their lives.
  12. Ask them how you can help.
  13. Look for things they are doing well and let them know.
  14. Say thank you.
  15. Let them see you fail.
  16. Give them permission to succeed – to be smarter than you are.
  17. Be authentic.
  18. Have fun. Laugh. Smile. Let yourself have fun in life and at work.
  19. Look people in the eye.
  20. Put down your phone.
  21. Make the effort to remember their name.
  22. Catch people doing somethings good.
  23. Remove negative talk from your life.
  24. Write notes of encouragement.
  25. Call someone just to tell them you appreciate them.
  26. Slow down. Pay attention to people.
  27. Say ‘hello’ to everyone you meet today.
  28. Volunteer.
  29. Ask others to help you. People love to help – it makes them feel good.
  30. Ask people what they need.
  31. Tell people the truth.
  32. Avoid jumping into others self pity.
  33. Set healthy boundaries.
  34. Give when you can.
  35. Practice restraint of tongue, pen and type.
  36. Ask for permission before giving constructive feedback.
  37. BE the type of person you want other to be.
  38. Encourage people to share what is working in their life and work.
  39. Ask good questions.
  40. Find something good about every person in your life and when you have the chance – share your thoughts with them.
  41. When introducing someone, make sure to add a few positives.
  42. Celebrate more.
  43. Talk UP to people.
  44. Share your own life.
  45. Share your toys.
  46. Stand up when greeting someone.
  47. Use a positive tone of voice and pay attention to your body language.
  48. Give a shout out for someone on social media.
  49. Let others talk.
  50. LOVE. Just love people.






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