Ways to Effectively Manage Your Personal Life

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“Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.”  Corita Kent

  • Have FUN! Take time every day for some fun. Life shouldn’t be serious all the time. If we forget to take time to play and laugh, we may burn out quickly. Entrepreneurs tend to be work horses. We often do not know how to turn off work – especially in the beginning when it’s new and exciting. If you have to schedule time for fun do it! Laugh. If you are not laughing – you are really NOT living your life. If you haven’t laughed in a while – do it now!
  • Be grateful! Gratitude is an essential ingredient in effectively managing your personal life. Being grateful for our lives, for the little things as well as the big things keeps our minds open to the possibilities and in a place of abundance. Focus each day on what you have to be grateful for.
  • Use a life coach or mentor to help you stay on track. This person should just help you focus on your life outside your business. We can get so caught up in our professional life that we forget to take time to just focus on our personal life.
  • Write short-term and long-term goals. Include wild and crazy goals and dreams. Think outside the box. Ask yourself what you REALLY want to do with your life and then set out to do what your heart desires.
  • Keep your home life and work life balanced. This can be very hard but it’s a MUST for those who want to be truly successful in business. You NEED a life outside from work.
  • Take a vacation. Regular vacations are absolutely essential! Time to unplug the blackberry, turn off the phone and just be! It is amazing what vacation time can do for you if you are willing to truly disconnect.
  • Plan time to take care of your personal needs each week. Grocery shopping, haircuts and other appointments can seem overwhelming if we don’t plan for them. When planning your week, make sure you plan for personal time.
  • Hire help when you can! Having a cleaning service or hiring a babysitter one night a week can help you manage your life and all the demands more effectively. Look for areas where you could hire help or even barter services with someone else. We don’t have to do it all.
  • Make decisions based on your long term life goals. Instead of reacting negatively or fighting with a family member – think of the long term relationship you wish to have with this person and make decisions accordingly.
  • Overhaul your habits and routines. Often we forget to pay attention to things we do repeatedly. Pay attention to habits and routines. Are they working for you? Are they getting in your way? Is there a more productive routine or habit you could adopt?
  • Be a human being – not a human doing. We can get so caught up in being productive and making progress that we forget to just be. Stop working so hard, work smarter and live more. There’s no need to exhaust ourselves – life’s too short.
  • Be true to yourself. You are who you are and you have a life to live. Be true to who you are, your personality, your dreams and your passions. LIVE your life and follow your heart.

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