Your Challenges ARE Your Opportunities

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Life is NOT easy. Business is hard. Bad stuff will happen, people will let us down and things will not go our way. And sometimes all these things will happen in one day.

AND We have a choice. Every day we get to choose how we respond to the bad stuff.  We can see it as a stumbling block or as an opportunity for growth. The choice is ours.

To choose to see our challenges as opportunities is not easy – especially when the challenges are BIG. But it’s possible and here are some things to help us make the choice .

  • Choose your people wisely. Choose people who build you up. Choose people who help you see the GOOD, the opportunity in all things.
  • Look for the good. Look at, better yet write down, all the good things that could come as the result of this challenge. Think big and look into the future, what may happen as the result of walking through this challenge.
  • Accept what you can not control. One way to make challenges bigger is to fight them. Accepting what we can not control allows us to focus on what we can do something about.
  • Focus on what you CAN control. In every situation there are things we can change. Focus on these things – the things you can do something about. And then do something.
  • Accept responsibility. This is your life – what you get out of it is up to you. You can learn and GROW from every single thing in your life. CHOOSE to accept full responsibility for your own growth.
  • Choose your words. Our words have power. When we are dealing with tough stuff it’s so important to choose our words, to choose the way we speak about the challenge. If we’re not careful we can create more stress and more negativity. 
  • Throw a five-minute temper tantrum. It’s okay to vent and let it out – challenges are sucky. But put a time limit on it. Have a tantrum and then decide to move on.
  • Do not engage co-signers. We often get stuck in the tantrum or in the negativity because we engage other people who encourage us to stay in negativity. We know who those people are and can choose not to engage them.
  • Ask yourself good questions. What can you learn from this? How will this grow you? What future benefit might this challenge bring? How could this help others? How might this be part of your future story?
  • Remember  – it’s a process. Some days will be better than others. We’ll get side-tracked, fall into negativity and downright refuse to see a current obstacle as an opportunity. The good news is we can re-start any time.

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