Live in The Deep End

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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdgAAAAJGQ4YWYxNTE0LWIyYTktNDNiMS04Yzg0LWY5MjVkYWJhNTA4NQI love the phrase LIVE IN THE DEEP END. I know it may be a bit too corny for some of you – and that’s okay I love the phrase!

The deep end is a beautiful place, it’s the place of transformation, it’s where I can wrestle with my life, my work, my place in the world. It’s where I take off ‘pretend’, embrace the messy and let myself be right where I am.

It’s also a place where I dream big dreams, where I take risks and jump into the unknown. It’s where I choose to let go of the safe things and go towards the unknown, the scary.

The deep end can be dark, inviting and exciting. When I jump in I have no idea if I’ll hit bottom, if I’ll come up for air or if I’ll be filled with joy. It’s a place that’s both brilliant and messy. It’s a place where I am both big and small. It is real, raw and transformational.

To live in the DEEP END requires…

  1. Authenticity. If I’m going to leave the safety of the shallow end I have to be me. I can’t carry all my masks and walls with me into the deep end – I will drown. I must let go of all I cling to to hide and jump fully, completely in as ME.
  2. Bravery. It’s scary to jump in the deep end. I watched my granddaughter learn to swim this summer. And as she was learning, the thing she most wanted to do, and the thing she was most scared of, was jumping into the deep end with no life jacket on. She is brave, sometimes too brave. Yet when she would get up to the edge she would ask over and over again if I was going to catch her. She wanted to know for certain that she would be safe. As adults, in business and in life – there’s not some one to catch us all the time. We must be brave. We must get up to the edge of the things that scares us and DECIDE TO JUMP. And then do it. Living in the deep end requires I DO scary things – not just think about them.
  3. Vision. I will not do things that scare me if I can’t see why I’m doing them. In order to grow my business, change my life or do new things – I must envision what it will be like to have jumped in and be living in the result of my bravery. Creating a compelling vision keeps me moving towards the edge, it keeps me doing the things that I need to do to get where I want to be.
  4. Willingness. And I must be willing. I must choose to be willing over and over again. I must be willing to stay willing when I fail and when I succeed. Often the most scary time for me to stay willing is when things are going well. For most of my life I’ve been more afraid of success than failure. And to continue growing I’ve had to stay willing to push through the fear and let success in. Willingness is not a one and done – it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that requires me to choose over and over again to move, to just take one more step.
  5. Grace. In order to live my dreams, to live in the deep end I must be willing to give myself grace. Without this – I won’t swim, I’ll either get out of the water or I’ll drown. Living in the deep end is messy and scary. I’ll get hurt, I’ll fail, I’ll be brilliant and through it all I must give myself grace. The grace to love myself. The grace to be brilliant, messy and dysfunctional all at the same time. The deep end requires I be gentle with myself AND push myself at the same time.

Are you living in the deep end? If not, now may be the time to jump in.

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