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Get clear about what MATTERS. If everything is important then nothing is important. Take some time to REALLY get clear about the one or two things that matter most to you and/or your business this year. I suggest reading the The 1 Thing – This book helped me over the past month get even more clear about my one thing for this year.

Remove distractions. Distractions can be anything – too many social commitments, too many marketing strategies, too much networking, not enough time in the office – anything can distract us. And sometimes even ‘nothing’ distracts us. After getting more clear about what mattered in my business at this point and then clarifying my ‘1 Thing’ I also got clear about the types of things that would get in the way of my success. And I removed them.

Say NO more than you say YES. Removing distractions requires saying NO and not committing to things in the future that are outside our current focus. Saying NO is not easy but once we do it a few times – we get better at it. It’s one of the most important keys to remaining consistent because if I have too much going on I can’t be consistent and follow through with the same level of focus. Just say NO!

Do one thing at a time. We’re NOT good at multi-tasking – no one is. It’s a lie. And it’s a productivity killer. I KNOW I’m more productive and focused when I do ONE thing at a time. Years ago I was a speaker for an organization called Making It Count. Through this organization I gave motivational speeches to high school students geared towards helping them be more successful in college. And I will never forget how these presentations stressed only ONLY one thing at a time. I said hundreds of times, “When you study – study, and when you want to have fun – have fun.” I continually learn more about how single tasking impacts my life and business.

Shut off technology. Technology creates more distractions today than ever before. It’s scary how distracted most of us are and how much useless time we waste online. I’m making it a goal to shut off technology for certain hours each day and to take tech-free days during the year. I know it works and yet I’m always hesitant to shut it down. I fear I may miss something. And I never do. And every time I shut it off I know why I do it. It’s good for me. Being away from technology is good for my soul, for my relationships, for my creativity – I feel more connected and alive. Plus it gives my eyes and hands the break they need.

Do the tough thing first every day. Do the hardest thing first EVERY day. When I do the toughest thing I first I’m more productive and more brave the rest of the day. It sets the tone for the day. If I put it last or push it to the following day, I create mental clutter for myself that ultimately gets in the way of all I do.

Push the reset often. It’s okay to start over ANY time. You can stop, get rid of the mental clutter, let go of that mistake or simply start your day over – it’s a choice. It may seem weird but psychically getting up and walking around and then coming back to our desk can help us reset. The more we’re able to reset the more space we create to be focused and consistent.

Consider plan B. If I have a loosely defined Plan B or ‘What If” then I can focus on being consistent with Plan A. Not having a clue what I’ll do if I fail at Plan A can create anxiety which pulls me away from my focus.

Build your clan. We don’t build businesses or families or careers alone – we need other people. Building a strong network of excellent people is good for us. If you are a solo-preneur – find a group of advisors you trust and engage them with your business. If you have a team – meet with them regularly and have trusted advisors outside the business.

Slow down. Slow down your breathing, your movements, your driving. Even if its just for a few minutes each day slowing down is good for us. And this has been, and still is, SO hard for me. But I know living life too fast wrecks havoc on my life. It’s hard to stay on track when I am stressed, tired or running too fast. Slowing down our pace and practicing doing nothing, can help us clear the clutter and be more focused.

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