Focus on Revenue Generation

April 11th, 2018 | Posted in Business by

Revenue generationDecide today to remove all distractions. Turn off your social networks, shut your door and put the piles of non-necessary stuff in a box. Clear your desk, your calendar and your mind.

Write a list of things you can do to generate revenue right now. This could include things like calling past clients to re-connect, emailing a current client who may need more of your services and/or sending a note to a potential client letting them know you’d love to connect.

Choose three things you will do today and DO THEM. Do not let yourself get off course. Keep the door shut until you do what you said you will do.

For the next 30 days do three revenue generating activities EVERY DAY before you do anything else. Make this the ONLY thing you ‘have to’ to do each day.

At the end of 30 days assess what you accomplished. What worked and what didn’t? Revise your list and step into the next 30 days ready to do it again.

Business is an active sport. To grow we must focus on consistently generating revenue.

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