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Keys to Focusing On What’s Good In Your Business 

Schedule it! 
This may sound strange but I used to actually put a half hour on my calendar each week labeled ‘recognition’. This item would pop up weekly to remind me to take some time and recognize our employees, clients and/or vendors. When prompted each week I would make a phone call, send off a quick hand written note or shoot an email to someone I wanted to recognize. I found when I scheduled it it got done. When I didn’t have it on the calendar it didn’t get done even though I wanted to make it happen.

Ask for the ‘best’ part.
Train yourself to consistently ask others what was their ‘best part’. It could be the best part of their day, their week or of working with you. When we ask people to tell us the ‘best part’ of their experience with something their mind immediately goes to the positive. In doing this we create opportunities to celebrate others both in the moment and after the fact. For example if I ask a customer what the best part of working with our company is and they give a raving review of one of my employees, I can then go and share that with my employee, celebrating their good work. Asking this question also helps me see all the good things in my life and business.

Share biggest ‘win’ each week.
Start all team meetings by asking each person to share their biggest ‘win’ for the week. This kicks off the meeting in a positive tone which usually impacts the tone of the entire meeting. Starting with the positive opens up our creativity and impacts how effective we can be at problem solving during our meetings. Too often team meetings are solely focused on what’s not working instead of what is. If you’re a solo entrepreneur take time each week to write down your biggest win and/or share it with someone who can celebrate you.

Ask customers for feedback.
Skip the generic survey and talk to your clients about their experience with you and/or with your product/service. Try to connect with at least one client a week to purposefully ask them for their feedback. People are busy and often want to give us feedback but don’t take the time to do so. If we make the time to reach out we not only connect with our clients, we can use what they share with us to share with the rest of our team.

Focus on the positive.
Challenge yourself to look for the positive first. Look for what’s working and purposefully choose to see the good. We are often moving too fast and are so caught up in the daily grind that we fail to see all the good around us. Slow down and be purposeful in looking for the good stuff.

Say ‘thank you’ often.
Saying ‘thank you’ is an easy, free way to celebrate others and to let them know they’re important. I know of one client who walks around the office and thanks each person for something they did that day before she leaves. Creating habits around appreciating others makes it more likely that we will do it.

Make it personal.
All applause and recognition of others should always be meaningful and personal. People know if we’re just giving them a line of crap. Celebrate others often but make sure to only celebrate them for REAL things.

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